How to Cook Frozen Egg Rolls

Wondering how to cook frozen egg rolls to get the best flavor and texture? It’s easy!

The method that you choose to cook your frozen eggs rolls depends on the type of egg roll that you’re working with and the texture that you’re trying to achieve. And once you figure out a method that you love, you might ditch take-out egg rolls entirely for the tasty experience you can get at home.

So what’s the secret? We’ll share our best tips with you below.


Cooking Different Types of Egg Rolls

Different types of egg rolls may require different cooking methods. So while veggie egg rolls can often be baked to bring out their best flavor, more savory egg rolls like those stuffed with pork or chicken are better off being fried, which maximizes the meaty flavor inside.

Still, your go-to egg roll cooking method is going to depend largely on what you want the end product to look and taste like. Here are some options to consider:

Frying. Frying is one of the preferred methods for cooking frozen egg rolls, since it highlights savory flavors and results in an ultra-crispy exterior. To do it, add vegetable oil to a heavy pot and heat the oil until it reaches 375 degrees (if your oil is too hot you risk burning your egg rolls, and if it’s not hot enough they’ll get greasy). Without thawing them first, place your frozen egg rolls into the hot oil, being sure not to overcrowd the pot. Fry for about 3 to 5 minutes. You can pan fry instead of deep fry if you prefer using the same oil temperature and fry time as above.

Baking. Baked egg rolls don’t get quite as crispy as fried ones, but you can still achieve a nice crunchy texture on the outside wrapper. For best results, warm your oven up to 375 degrees and arrange your frozen egg rolls on top of a wire rack placed on a baking sheet. The rack ensures that the heat reaches the rolls on all sides for the crispiest exterior possible. Bake for 20 minutes, turning each egg roll over halfway through.

Air Frying. Air frying is one of the hottest new trends in home cooking, and you can use it for your frozen egg rolls too. Brush your rolls with a bit off egg wash and then place them on your air fryer’s grill pan. Place in air fryer at 320 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes, then turn, brush with egg wash again, and place back in air fryer for another 8 to 10 minutes. Check that you’ve achieved your desired texture, and if you haven’t, continue to air fry further.

What Sauce Goes With Egg Rolls?

How To Cook Frozen Egg Rolls

Picking out the perfect sauce for your egg rolls is just as important as cooking them right. And homemade or store bought, there are lots of sauces that go great with egg rolls! Some of our top picks include:

Get creative by mixing and matching different egg rolls flavors with different sauces, and find your perfect pairing.

Where to Buy Frozen Egg Rolls

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