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The CHEF ONE® Story

CHEF ONE® has been a staple provider of dumplings since 1999. Our journey began in Brooklyn, NY, working out of the cramped confines of a 5,000 square-foot facility. Since then, we have expanded to a 80,000 square-foot building to keep up with customer demand.

Within a few years of launch, CHEF ONE® became a leading Asian-style food distributor to restaurants and schools all over America, due to our focus on high quality products that deliver exceptional taste. Our chefs develop and curate recipes inspired by authentic Asian and fusion blends that offer well-balanced, delicious flavor.

Recently, CHEF ONE® has joined forces with Schwan’s Food Service to support the ever-expanding needs of businesses, restaurants, and consumers across the United States. As one of the most trusted frozen food manufacturers, Schwan’s is known for its great tasting frozen products while delivering the highest quality service to customers.

CHEF ONE®’s founding principal is the notion that all of us can cook and enjoy foods of other cultures. Our products are easy to prepare and offer exciting flavors that are sure to inspire the us all, from the bustling restaurant, the high-volume foodservice business, to the individual. There truly is a chef in everyone!

Why Dumplings?

Watch as Chef Uno Immanivong walks you through the best ways to prepare our CHEF ONE® dumplings and shares her first-hand experience of how “these little bundles of irresistible joy” can enhance your menu and increase profitability.


Asian-style dumplings and appetizers are a profitable menu option due to their lower cost in relation to other similar offerings, making them an attractive option for both restaurants and food service businesses. To plan how your business might use dumplings in entrees, appetizers, and to-go offerings, view the chart below to calculate costs and potential profit.

Growing Demand

As a versatile food item, dumplings have been a staple in numerous Asian countries and are now gaining popularity in Western markets. They first became a hit in America with adventurous young people seeking new flavors, and now are a major mainstream trend in food service that will continue to grow. These delectable morsels are made with a diverse range of fillings such as chicken, pork, shrimp, and vegetables, making them appealing to a wide range of consumers.

Easy Preparation

Dumplings are easy to prepare, requiring only a few simple steps to create delicious, intricate flavors. Just boil, steam or fry our frozen dumplings and they’re ready to eat; they’re convenient for home cooks and restaurants alike. This ease of preparation not only reduces labor costs for businesses but also encourages consumers to enjoy the art of making dumplings themselves.

How to Serve Dumplings


  • Easy to serve as a side or an entrée.
  • Steam or deep fry to quickly make large batches.
  • Display sauce in buffet tray for longer hold time or provide sauce variety for consumer customization.


  • Steam in large batches in advance and quickly finish for each customer order.
  • Serve as a side, entrée, or as part of an action station concept.
  • Add variety by offering multiple dumplings and sauces.


  • Deep fry for immediate consumption.
  • Steam dumplings in advance and increase hold time in a refrigerator.
  • For grab and go, include a packet or cup of sauce.


  • Pan fry or steam to show off the dumpling’s high-quality filling.
  • Fit multiple menu items in order by adjusting serving size.
  • Expand menu offerings with multiple dumpling flavors and sauce pairings.

Dumpling Business Models

Dumplings are an incredibly flexible menu item that can be used in multiple ways to grow your business. View the models below for each eating occasions to estimate your menu price, food cost, and profit margin.

CHEF ONE® Eating Occasions:

1. Shareable Appetizer
2. Entrée
3. Side
4. Snack/To-Go



4 – 6


$6 – $12


83 – 88%



6 – 8


$9 – $14


83 – 86%



3 – 4


$4 – $5


80 – 81%

*Estimated profit margins. Does not include cost of other ingredients or business expenses.

Experience cultures from all over the one bite.

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CHEF ONE® has joined forces with Schwan’s Food Service, a top frozen foods manufacturer, to support the ever-expanding needs of businesses, restaurants, and consumers across the United States.

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