Stock Up on Teriyaki Chicken Potstickers

We’ve teamed up with Gordon Food Service Store to make it easy for you to buy and enjoy our fan-favorite Teriyaki Chicken Potstickers both online and in store! From now until early November, you can find our mouthwatering frozen Chicken Teriyaki Dumplings online or at your closest Gordon Food Service Store location—just in time for football and award show season.

Our Chicken Teriyaki Dumplings feature an absolutely irresistible mix of sweet and savory flavors, with tender and juicy chicken glazed in a perfectly balanced teriyaki sauce. They’re a total crowd pleaser, and are sure to go fast on any appetizer table. Whether you are hosting a fall weekend barbeque, catering a party, or creating a new addition to your restaurant, our Chicken Teriyaki Dumplings are sure to get rave reviews from your guests.

Chicken Potstickers

What Makes the Best Frozen Potstickers?

At Chef One Foods, we’re proud to provide consumers and restaurants with the best frozen potstickers available on the market. All of our flavors are expertly crafted to come to life upon cooking—just heat, serve, and enjoy!

So how do you cook our frozen chicken potstickers? You’ve got a couple of options, including deep frying, pan frying, and boiling—you can even stick them on the grill. It all depends on how you want to eat them and what you’re serving them with. And with a product this good, we promise that you won’t be disappointed however you choose to heat them up.

Best Frozen Potstickers

Chicken Teriyaki Dumpling Serving Ideas

Our pre-cooked Chicken Teriyaki Dumplings are just what your fall meals and events are looking for. Pair them with your favorite noodle or rice dishes, or boil them and serve them in a comforting bowl of miso, or ramen. Looking for a quick weeknight dinner? Pair them alongside a greens-and-veggies salad topped with ginger dressing. Or try one of these additional serving ideas:

  •  Add them to a stir fry
  • Use them in place of noodles for dishes like Pad Thai and Lo Mein
  • Eat apps for dinner (we’ve got lots of choices!)
  • Make potsticker lettuce wraps

The best thing about our frozen chicken dumplings (aside from their great taste and texture) is their versatility. Get creative and see what you can do, or just cook them up and serve them on their own at your next event. Our Chicken Teriyaki Dumplings are guaranteed to be a major hit, and can definitely hold their own next to other quick bites like chicken wings and pizza.

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As a pioneering Asian food innovator and manufacturer, we’re devoted to producing the high quality, delicious, and authentic dumplings and appetizers that you love. That’s why we’re so excited to have joined forces with Gordon Food Service Stores this fall. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to find your favorite Chef One Foods, whether you just want to enjoy them as a quick dinner or you want to serve them at your restaurant.

Want to mix it up? Check out some of our other amazing frozen dumplings, including our Chicken with Lemongrass Dumplings and Kung Pao Chicken Dumplings, and visit our Where to Buy page to find a Chef One Foods retailer near you. We offer a wide range of other delectable Asian snacks and meals as well, like our Pork and Shrimp Sui Mei and Vegetable Fried Rice.

Fall events and meals just got a whole lot tastier. Shop Gordon Food Service Stores now until early November and give your taste buds what they really want: juicy flavor drenched Teriyaki Chicken Dumplings!