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Discover The Best Dumplings Delivered Wholesale

Add fusion excitement to your menus with some of the best dumplings in the Asian cuisine industry. Our authentically crafted dumplings are produced through a perfect blend of culture, seasonings, and quality ingredients that can’t be replicated by other wholesale Asian food manufacturer.

We offer our frozen food wholesale to everyone: fast-paced restaurants, schools and universities, food-catering services, hotels and more. We believe chefs exist in everyone, and our ultimate goal is to spark some creative inspiration so that your food reaches its full potential.

Our dumplings are masterfully crafted to provide everyone a chance at immersing themselves within true, authentic flavors. With flavors like Chicken Teriyaki dumplings and Edamame dumplings, Chef One’s Asian food supply offers a culinary journey for consumers and an opportunity for you to expand your menu’s palate.

If you’re interested in private label, then supplement your Asian restaurant supply with your very own flavors and creations from Chef One’s development team. Contact our sales team to start your project today (minimums required).