At Chef One, we create our Chinese appetizers with a twist; all of our recipes are inspired by a fusion of cultures from around the world. With exciting flavors in various styles, we offer an experience for your taste buds to explore with every bite.

With our authentic ingredients, buying Chinese food wholesale doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Our founding principle, “There’s a CHEF in EveryONE”, means each of our products are chef-quality and easy to prepare. Be inspired and tell your story with Chef One products.

The best frozen Chinese food from Chef One is available for restaurants, individual consumers, and food service businesses. But, frozen appetizers aren’t the only service we provide. Our experienced R&D team is ready to create innovative, exclusive recipes for your restaurant chain or private label. With high quality ingredients and reliable production, Chef One is the best partner for all of your Asian appetizer needs.

Browse our selection of delicious egg rolls, spring rolls, dumplings and other products to experience just how much we can enhance your menu. With a little creativity, frozen dim sum and egg rolls can be a fun, easy, and tasty addition to any meal.


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